From the outside, how can you tell if a company is a good place for your craft? Think of this as "The Mom Test" but applied to product/design/eng job…
Five things I (re)learned from spending a week with some of the best product coaches in the world.
#60 DJ DiDonna: Navigating sabbaticals and career breaksIf you or someone around you is considering taking time off or exploring a career shift, this conversation will help to navigate that.
#59 Kenny Borg: Identity transformation + embodying fulfillmentKenny helps us explore the ongoing evolution of our identity, deal with imposter syndrome, and embody fulfillment throughout the journey instead of…
#58 Scott Young: Learning for Real LifeScott Young is an expert on rapid, effective learning. This will help you learn new skills effectively and quickly amidst the chaos of real life.
#57 Rob Fitzpatrick: Shaping an Entrepreneurial CareerRob Fitzpatrick is the author of The Mom Test, and he'll help you fight the good fight to bring your ideas into the world.
#56 Ash Maurya: The Innovator's GiftAsh Maurya introduces "The Innovator's Gift" to help you find problems worth solving, and navigate the uncertainty of new product ideas.
How do I do continuous discovery for a new product, pre-PMF?How to apply continuous discovery techniques to a nascent, early stage product that doesn't yet have product-market fit.
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