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Chris Smith: How to think about adding AI to your product

Chris Smith: How to think about adding AI to your product

Mental models to get your head around AI options.

Chris Smith is a longtime engineering leader who has been in the trenches of building with AI & machine learning for years. He’s led the development of data systems & strategies at tech giants like early Google, Yahoo, and Sun; S&P 500's like Live Nation; and a wide variety of startups.

In this conversation, we dive into a key topic that I’ve avoided until now: AI. AI is an enabling technology that’s essential to develop a baseline understanding of so you can be informed enough to reason about it.

We talk about:

  • what AI really is (versus machine learning, or applied statistics)

  • how to build a mental model so you can reason about AI options

  • how to think about incorporating it into your product and/or operations

We also recorded a short, bonus episode on a simple way to think through the level of investment needed to figure out what AI might do for your product.

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Topics discussed

(00:00) AI industry at inflection point, causing chaos

(09:05) Machine learning, neural nets, and generative AI

(14:03) Generative AI: LLMs + broad understanding

(21:56) Open source models improve specialized problem solving

(25:06) Access to data leads to competitive advantage

(32:53) AI training improves productivity and learning speed

(42:51) Reduced investment in GPT models speeds results

(48:47) Expectation mismatch leads to brand perception risks

(53:54) Non-technical work is crucial for AI product success

(57:30) Building a computer vision product from scratch

(01:03:14) A strategic approach to refining and testing prototypes

(01:08:04) Closing learning loops

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