Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
Christian Idiodi: Telling the story of transformation

Christian Idiodi: Telling the story of transformation

Leading team problem solving through stories

Christian Idiodi is a partner at Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG). Before SVPG, he profoundly shaped or reshaped the culture and products of CareerBuilder, Snagajob, and led the product transformation in Datasite, the first SaaS for due diligence in the finance industry.

This conversation was so fun and covered a lot of territory:

  • how to tell if a transformation has truly gotten into the DNA of a culture

  • how to tell if leaders are truly bought in to the work needed

  • how to weave practice and skill development into your existing meeting structures

  • and how to approach reading differently to improve as a decision maker

Please enjoy, Christian.

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Topics discussed

(08:56) An unusual childhood leads to survival skills, creativity

(12:25) Aspiring doctor turned innovator seeking problem-solving opportunities

(18:33) Guiding others through transformation, not crafting it

(21:31) Thriving on tech success, driven by motivation

(28:40) Cycle of innovation: growth, stagnation, reversion, reaction

(36:45) Reading biographies as a leader to improve your decision-making

(37:40) Key to career success: leadership, insight, humility

(47:23) Transitioning roles, what were key mindset shifts?

(56:30) Prioritizing practice before game day

(01:03) Choose kindness, support, and do good work

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Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
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