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Marty Cagan: Moving to the product model

Marty Cagan: Moving to the product model

Real talk about transforming into a strong product company

Marty Cagan is a legend in the world of product management. He’s the guy who literally ‘wrote the book,’ having published the foundational books INSPIRED and EMPOWERED. He’s now back to complete the trifecta with his latest work, TRANSFORMED, which is a deep dive into a topic near and dear to my heart: the product operating model, what it takes for a company to actually transform to it.

Here’s why this matters for you: companies spend huge amounts of time and money trying to transform, and all too often get little in return. TRANSFORMED shows what's possible on the other side, what it actually takes to pull it off, and what can derail the effort.


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Topics discussed

(00:00) The process and challenges in writing a book

(12:27) Real world products need tech for results

(17:28) Deciding on investments, solving problems, and changing processes

(28:11) Understanding disconnects

(36:00) Top leadership support crucial

(40:28) How product coaches help

(44:57) "Being agile" doesn't always mean "doing agile"

(49:52) Handling objections well

(54:45) How it comes together in an organizational operating model

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Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
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