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Steve Portigal: Improving your user research process

Steve Portigal: Improving your user research process

How to lead smarter and be a good consumer of research

Steve Portigal is a veteran user research leader and consultant who helps companies mature their research practices. He’s the author of Interviewing Users, a classic in the field, and the host of the design leadership podcast Dollars to Donuts. In this conversation, we explore:

  • how to use creative practices to develop your voice as a leader and storyteller

  • how to be a smart consumer of research findings when you aren’t an expert in the craft of research

  • one simple question leaders can ask to set their organizations to make the most of research

  • and how to create the conditions for high-impact, effective creative work in your team

Please enjoy, Steve Portigal.

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Topics discussed

(10:21) Experimenting with writing and finding one's voice

(15:47) Feedback model: GASP - goals, attempts, successes, possibilities

(19:53) Workshops, creativity, and self-doubt

(27:06) Embrace authenticity, find your unique facilitation style

(28:10) Appreciating different approaches, understanding executives' skepticism

(34:37) Engage with compassion

(39:29) Research is essential for informed decision-making

(49:01) Compassion and reflection are crucial for leaders

(50:48) Create a safe learning space for engagement

(56:03) Assessing code quality and marketing effectiveness

(01:00:39) Research raises questions, timing and deployment important

(01:10:31) Stay fascinated with the world around you

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Make Things That Matter
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