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Make Things That Matter
Randy Silver: The conversations that create impactful products

Randy Silver: The conversations that create impactful products

Drive perception of value and help people make better decisions, together

A product and leadership coach, Randy Silver is one of the true weavers of the global product community. He’s the co-host and founder of The Product Experience podcast, runs the Product in the {A}ether meetup, and wrote “What Do We Do Now? A Product Manager’s Guide to Strategy in the Time of Crisis.” Prior to all that, Randy spent years in the trenches as a head of product roles. In this conversation, we discuss:

  • how to diagnose new stakeholder relationships

  • the perception issues that can undercut your product team

  • how to think about making better decisions faster

  • balancing authority and influence

  • leveling up our ability to collaborate under revenue pressure


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Topics discussed

(04:00) Moving from a journalistic editor to product editor

(07:34) Parallels between product management film production

(09:53) Missed opportunities & the need for collaboration

(15:21) Alignment with stakeholders

(18:24) Sales misalignment and restructures

(21:10) Diagnosing teamwork challenges with partners

(25:02) Diagnosing your new org via informational interviews

(28:05) Creating a manager README

(30:11) Roles and responsibilities convo for better understanding

(35:19) Guiding conversations and change

(44:22) Did reorganization at Airbnb address strategy misalignment?

(46:18) Defensive reaction within product community to Airbnb

(52:14) Coordinating while scaling

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Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
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