Jan 28, 2020 • 1HR 27M

#9 Amy Edmondson: Building teams where people feel safe

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Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson is recognized as one of the top 10 thinkers on business and management in the world, specializing in the areas of psychological safety, teams, and organizational learning. 

Before entering academia, Amy worked as the Chief Engineer for visionary architect and inventor Buckminster Fuller, and then became fascinated by the interaction of people and systems thinking, leading to her work on organizational change and eventually earning her PhD from Harvard.

A globally sought after thinker and speaker, Amy is the author of six books including her 2019 award-winning work, "The Fearless Organization,"  which we go deep on in this conversation. In this conversation, we talk about... 

  • the anxiety that people perceive in the workplace and school, and how to relax around it

  • what it was like to work with Buckminster Fuller and why, in his words, we don't belong to ourselves, we belong to the world

  • clarify several key misconceptions about psychological safety and missteps putting it into action

  • the wrong ways to build psychological safety — hint, a "psychological safety initiative" is not it

  • how to apply different leadership practices depending on the context 

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