Apr 7, 2020 • 1HR 47M

#14 Derik Mills: Cultivating a faculty of wonder in business and life

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Andrew Skotzko
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Derik Mills

Derik Mills is the founder and CEO of Glo, a health and wellness company that challenges people to live a fulfilling life and live into their potential.

Glo exists to connect people through self-care so that, together, we can heal our planet. It's a self-funded company whose online service empowers members around the world to experience world-class instruction in yoga, meditation, and philosophy and integrate self-care into their everyday lives from anywhere in the world. Glo has become a cultural phenomenon driven by Derik’s commitment to creating an environment that enables people to live into their potential and contribute to something larger than themselves.

We discuss many powerful experiences in Derik's entrepreneurial journey, as well as the almost decade Derik spent traveling and experiencing the fullness of humanity around the world before getting into entrepreneurship. This story is a real-world, ongoing case study of how to make real many of the essential concepts discussed on this show: entrepreneurship, a culture that is kind, candid, and creates high performance. This is a very raw, real story from the front lines of exploring what business is and can be, and I am honored to bring it to you. Enjoy!

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