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Make Things That Matter
Eisha Armstrong: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing Change

Eisha Armstrong: Pragmatic Strategies for Managing Change

Handling role transition, power dynamics, and practical differences between departments

Eisha Armstrong has long experience in building and launching new data businesses, and in helping service companies to transition to selling products instead of time.

In this conversation, we zoom in on three specific sticking points when changing how your organization works and its business model:

  • forecasting

  • managing role transitions

  • departmental power dynamics

If you're ready to be a little more fearless in the face of change, drop in with Eisha Armstrong.

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Topics discussed

(00:03:01) Companies transforming into product organizations

(00:05:01) Revenue shift: smaller now, longer-term impact

(00:08:30) Practical topics: forecasting, transition, change management

(00:10:04) Identifying leading measures and assumptions in forecasts

(00:14:25) Seeking tech-enabled scale, revenue visibility, innovation

(00:20:29) Power shifts in organizations impact staffing and funding

(00:22:12) Evolving organizational model for product-centric strategy

(00:27:23) Key considerations for acquiring a company: purpose, integration, impact

(00:31:18) Leaders modeling simple mental health practices shift organizations. Organizational change requires supporting structures and models

(00:35:38) Quieting the mind to connect and trust

(00:37:33) Organizations need specific change management for success

(00:40:40) "Name fears, tame them; face personal insecurities."

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Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
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