Nov 19, 2019 • 1HR 58M

#4 Marshall Mosher: tough product calls & acclimating to fear

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Andrew Skotzko
Product leadership and culture through the lens of "what makes people tick?" MTTM weaves together product development, conscious leadership, and science to help you build a product that matters, a workplace people love, and a fulfilling career.
Marshall Mosher

Marshall Mosher is the cofounder and CEO of Vestigo, a company that uses outdoor adventure experiences to help people push outside their comfort zones, get comfortable being uncomfortable, and build deep trust with their teammates.

Marshall caught the entrepreneurial bug at the tail end of his masters program, and hasn't looked back since. After graduating from the University of Georgia, Marshall spent time at the Singularity University Global Solutions Program Fellowship at NASA Ames and has been on the path of empowering human experience through technology since then.

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