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Nacho Bassino: How to build your first product strategy

Nacho Bassino: How to build your first product strategy

Making the nebulous strategy creation process actionable

Nacho Bassino is a veteran product leader and the author of Product Direction, one of my go-to books on how to actually generate a product strategy. There are many excellent books out there on strategy as a whole, but surprisingly few that specifically cover product strategy, and Nacho’s work fills a real gap in this critical area of product leadership.

In this conversation, we make the strategy process concrete and actionable, taking on questions like:

  • how much time & effort does this actually take to build and evolve over time?

  • when should we be prescriptive in strategy, and how prescriptive should we be?

  • which part of this whole thing am I, as a product leader, specifically accountable for?

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Topics discussed

(00:02:12) Nacho's journey into product leadership

(00:09:23) How leaders can adapt to others' communication and cross-cultural preferences

(00:10:50) Strategy: defining problems and prioritizing solutions

(00:19:44) Painful, but typical; a fake strategy

(00:24:20) Time and team needed for first big strategy creation

(00:30:17) Three key aspects of quarterly reviews: OKRs, roadmaps, and Opportunity Solution Trees

(00:35:33) Connection between impact, outcomes, and initiatives with revenue generation

(00:40:11) Empowerment: teams' accountability and autonomy

(00:51:36) Nacho's hard product leadership call

(00:58:15) Strategy for startups vs larger companies

(00:59:02) How the opportunity space expands with company growth

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Make Things That Matter
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