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Make Things That Matter
Pam Fox Rollin: Growing Groups Into Teams

Pam Fox Rollin: Growing Groups Into Teams

How to tell if you have an actual team... and what to do if you don't.

Pam Fox Rollin is an executive coach and strategist with extensive experience in senior team development, especially in healthcare and tech. I’m delighted to bring her back to your ears—she was last here on the show in summer of 2020, in episode 22.

This is a conversation about the conversations that leaders are not having. These conversations are underneath all of the performance and the trust issues between departments. These conversations are THE difference between building a truly committed team that delivers the future you care about… and having a group which is a team in name only.

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Topics discussed

(00:03:55) Writing a book about teams as a team.

(00:11:41) Teamwork failure due to individual mindset silos.

(00:14:51) Telling the difference between hard work and commitment

(00:18:40) OKRs align and drive team objectives.

(00:20:54) Incentive structures and team behaviors

(00:24:02) Shared promise vital for effective team; align goals and coordinate efforts.

(00:28:25) Leaders build futures that matter through conversations.

(00:33:08) Finance team doubts engineering's budget needs.

(00:36:23) Trust: vulnerability in actions and five dimensions.

(00:38:21) Dimensions of trust

(00:42:23) Design conversations as a leader to level up.

(00:46:01) Challenges of remote work and trust.

(00:49:05) Missing conversations hinder team building efforts.

(00:53:44) Collaboration needed in achieving desired outcomes.

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Make Things That Matter
Make Things That Matter
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