Feb 28 • 51M

Petra Wille: Building a community of practice

Level up your people, save training budget, and increase employee retention

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Andrew Skotzko
Product leadership and culture through the lens of "what makes people tick?" MTTM weaves together product development, conscious leadership, and science to help you build a product that matters, a workplace people love, and a fulfilling career.

Petra Wille is a product leadership coach and the author of Strong Product People, which is my go-to book for the people development side of being a product leader.

In this conversation, we dive deep into:

  • why and how a community of practice can level up your team and save training budget

  • dealing with cross-cultural differences in product teams

  • how to approach making hard calls like, shutting down a product or team

Please enjoy, Petra Wille.

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