Jul 19 • 2M

Thank you, and a brief update

Why's it been so quiet around here?

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Andrew Skotzko
Product leadership and culture through the lens of "what makes people tick?" MTTM weaves together product development, conscious leadership, and science to help you build a product that matters, a workplace people love, and a fulfilling career.
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tl;dr: I need your help—please fill out this short survey to help me reshape the show.

You may have noticed things have been a little quiet on the podcast front here lately.

That’s because I'm in deep in the creative process of reimagining this show, and I need your help.

Given the show name, it’s probably no surprise that I also want to make things that matter—TO YOU. And to do something like this, I really want to learn more about you, and learn from you. So I've created a very short listener survey—about 5 minutes—please click here and fill it out.

I want to make a show for high-integrity, intentional builders who want to make a product and company that makes everything it touches better off. Who deeply cares about making a real impact with the things we build, in addition to having it be financially successful. I want to help you build products, teams, and companies that give more life to everything they touch.

The survey takes 5-ish minutes to complete. Your help on this goes a LONG way, and I appreciate you taking the time! I am reading every response and this will directly impact the trajectory of this show.

Thank you for your support. Click and fill out the 5-minute survey now or go to https://makethingsthatmatter.com/survey.