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Bob Moesta: Prototyping to learn & applying JTBD theory

How to prototype faster than A/B testing, and how to actually apply JTBD research

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Andrew Skotzko
Product leadership and culture through the lens of "what makes people tick?" MTTM weaves together product development, conscious leadership, and science to help you build a product that matters, a workplace people love, and a fulfilling career.

Bob Moesta is one of the pioneers of Jobs To Be Done (JTBD) theory, which has fundamentally changed the way we think about building products and discovering what progress people actually need and want from the products they hire. The demand discovery concepts that Bob has pioneered are some of the ones I find most useful in my product coaching & consulting, so I’m thrilled to go deeper here.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • the biggest downfalls of most entrepreneurs is they want to convince

  • how to prototype to learn the trade space faster than you could A/B test

  • how is JTBD different if you are 0-1, vs an existing product?

  • where people go wrong with JTBD

  • how to apply jobs to strategy, marketing, and careers

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