Sitemap - 2020 - Make Things That Matter

#33: 8 Lessons Learned in 2020

#32 Alex Hillman: How to play the long game of business

Marty Cagan: Empowering product teams

#30 Natalie Nagele: Building a people-first company at Wildbit

#29: One year of the podcast! And a new show name.

#28 Rob Walling: Build a great business and let that be enough

2020 Resources for Product Leaders: a Curated List

Hope Gurion: What nobody told you about being a product leader

David Dylan Thomas: Understanding cognitive bias

#25 Karl Kuhnert: How to find strength in vulnerability and live your values as a leader

#24 Laura Garnett: Find your zone of genius and never fear a job search again

#23 Soushiant Zanganehpour: Solving systemic problems with social entrepreneurship

Pam Fox Rollin: Be a leader who helps people come alive

#21: April Dunford - Find your power in the market through positioning

#20: Nilofer Merchant — Unleashing Onlyness to benefit from the ideas and potential in every person

#19: Dan Gould — Fighting unconscious bias and attacking systemic problems with entrepreneurship

#18 Josh Seiden: How to create clarity with outcomes thinking

#17 Dr Matthew Cook: Identity shifts, beating trauma triggers, and continually recreating who you are

#16 Holly Hester-Reilly: Building a customer-centric team and product culture

#15 Sam Fankuchen: Leadership and responding to the needs of the world in a time of crisis

Introducing ENLIVEN: the project I couldn't not do

#14 Derik Mills: Cultivating a faculty of wonder in business and life

#13 Muriel Clauson: Identity, engagement, and being ready for the future of work

#12 Rian Doris & Conor Murphy: Flow — Cultivating the optimal experience of life (part 2)

#11 Rian Doris & Conor Murphy: Flow — Cultivating the optimal experience of life (part 1)

#10 Susan Basterfield: decentralized team structures and participatory decision-making

#9 Amy Edmondson: Building teams where people feel safe

#8 Paula Daniels: Living on the edge of your own invention